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Partnership-Based Visas & Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence
A dilemma that non-citizens of New Zealand may face when in a relationship with an abusive partner is that they want to leave, but feel unable to leave or seek help. Many immigrants to New Zealand that are in an abusive relationship with a New Zealand Resident or Citizen may fear that if they leave their partner in order to escape the violence, their visa status would become void.
A common tactic employed by abusers is to isolate their victims and make them feel helpless by using threats to control them. A common threat used by the abuser in these situations is to tell the victim that if they were to speak out about the violence or leave the relationship, they would face deportation.
The staff at Adrianne McLean, Barrister are experts in both the fields of Family and Immigration law. This specialist legal knowledge ensures we are able to assist you with the specific situation you are facing.
If you are eligible, we will be able to apply to the Family Court for Orders that will ensure you and your children are safe, whilst also taking care of your immigration matters to ensure that you are able to remain lawfully in New Zealand on your own account.Your application to Immigration New Zealand will be confidential, your New Zealand partner will not be notified that an application has been made.
If you do not have funds or access to money or are on a benefit you may well be entitled to a grant of legal aid and we can walk you through this process.
Call our team at Adrianne McLean, Barrister on 09 869 2097, we are here to help.
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